A toda la familia de Tandoori Station;

 Nuestro equipo esta comprometido y centrado en ofrecerles el mejor servicio y la mas alta calidad.

Nos esforzamos constantemente por alcanzar la excelencia.

 Debido a la constante subida de distintos proveedores nos vemos obligados a realizar una subida en nuestros precios.

 Esperamos sepan comprender.

Legal Notice

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Tandoori Station SL is a Spanish company, registered in the trade register of Madrid dated April 27, 2005. Volume: 21,238, Book 0, Folio: 101, Section 8, Page M-377245, Inscription: 2

CIF B84316579

office:.. Madrid

Mail: info@tandooristation.com

Terms and Conditions

the following conditions shall apply to all orders placed through our website: & nbsp; www.tandooristation.com

When placing an order you confirm that you agree with the general conditions and states:

  • understand and comprehend the above conditions

All prices include taxes.

By placing an order the buyer expresses its willingness to acquire the goods.

Tandoori Station S.L. reserves the right to change prices, either for reasons of updating suppliers, specific promotions or currency exchange.

Using the Website

access to the site is free


We do not sell products to minors. The products we sell must be purchased by adults. Children under the age of 18 may only use the Services of Tandoori Station S.L. under the supervision of a parent or guardian.


only be accepted payment by credit card


the promotions are not cumulative.

no promotion is combinable with any other, if you have a discount coupon, this shall not be cumulated with other promotions, so that only you can use it when there is no current promotion.

the discount coupons are only issued by Tandoori Station and never for third party platforms.

Law and jurisdiction

Any controversy or conflict that may arise from the use of the website (www.tandooristation.com) shall be resolved in accordance with the current legislation in Spain, submitting to the jurisdiction and competence of the Courts of Madrid, expressly waiving to any other jurisdiction that law might correspond

Dispute Resolution -. \ "Online Disputes Resolutions \" - Union European

Information on the portal \ "ODR \" the official website run by the European Union dedicated to assisting consumers and sellers online to solve their possible disputes out of court. Direct access to the page via the following link \ " ODR \".

Legal Notice and Privacy Policy


Tandoori Station SL (Hereinafter Tandoori Station) provides user this channel, www.tandooristation.com (hereinafter \ "tandooristation.com \") , the Internet, with the same guarantees and features that traditional operation outlets.

once you receive confirmation of your purchase, which is issued in line with the central systems, know with certainty that their purchase has been made, with the guarantee of Tandoori Station.

Tandoori Station custody and securely processes, end to end, all personal user data, bank details and credit card, your payment transactions, ensuring the integrity issues (that information is not damaged), confidentiality (that only knows who should know) and availability (that is available when needed).

Some aspects of detail:

All information in transit from the equi po user to the internet technical facilities Tandoori Station is made in encrypted form, following the usual pattern (supported by your browser using the cryptographic protocol "SSL" which activates the "lock" browser) that is activated by the use of a server certificate issued in favor of Tandoori Station.

The payment system by credit card / employee debit incorporates "payment Security online".

the web application is designed to avoid leaving traces of information transmitted to your computer, so you can access the service from anywhere in principle without fear. However, the computer can be configured to store pages visited, the historic visits, provided passwords, etc. Unless you're an expert, we suggest you employ the service only from computers you trust.

Keeping all the information that is made on the premises of Tandoori Station registers and processes supported team communications and high availability, so that you are always at your service.

the customer service from the Center for Customer care, operated by people in the group Tandoori Station, following procedures strictly controlled and automated, it ensures that information is preserved in proper condition.

However, in respect of the above, Tandoori Station reminds Internet users that the Internet is not always as sure would be expected or apparently seems.

While Tandoori Station can not prevent the user may suffer some sort of incident in their Internet use, Tandoori Station take maximum precautions operations and systems avoid, if possible dysfunctions.

However, Tandoori Station can do nothing to preserve the confidentiality of the data of a given user or other items if the user does not care confidentiality your username and password. Given the existence of risks on the Internet, Tandoori Station recommends the user to take appropriate self-protection measures, mainly technical and behavioral, against the risks of impersonation or violation of communication. As examples:

With regard to your team and to the extent you necessary, it is recommended that you use the latest versions of software, given the incorporation into these of increased security measures to protect the confidentiality and integrity of your data, and to adequately review the settings, for example to prevent your browser inadvertently provide your username, password or e-mail on web servers that and agree that request.

with regard to your behavior, please log in to the website to Tandoori Station, tandooristation.com typing the web address personally and not use hyperlinks or favorites not to be trusted, to avoid certain deceptions, and never facilites by email or by phone your personal login information or personal, and make sure you call by telephone at the Center for Customer Care.

Lega l


This legal notice has been prepared with respect and comply with the provisions contained in the Organic Law 15/1999, 13 December, Protection of Personal data and Law 34/2002 of July 11, Services Information Society and Electronic Commerce.

this Notice legal regulates the use and use of the portal, which is accessed through the Internet www.tandooristation.com (hereinafter \ " tandooristation.com \ "), which Tandoori Station SL with registered office at Calle Ortega y Gasset 85, 28006, Madrid, Spain and C.I.F number B84316579, makes available to Internet users.

The above website is designed to publicize the information, activities and services offered by tandooristation.com.

the use of the Portal attributes the condition of user (hereinafter the user) and implies acceptance of all conditions contained in this Legal Notice, must read the user carefully this Legal Notice each of the occasions in which to use the Portal, since their conditions of use may be modified.

Portal access is free except as regards the cost of the connection through the telecommunications network provided by the service provider contracted by users.

the use of certain services offered to users through the Portal may be subject to specific conditions ( hereinafter the "Special Conditions" ) Which, as appropriate, replace, supplement and / or modify this Legal Notice. Therefore, prior to the use of such services, the User must also carefully read the relevant Conditions.

In any case it is noteworthy that the services provided tandooristation.com have the price indicated in the corresponding commercial offer.

the term of this agreement is limited to the use of Portal, consequently, character the contract will end at the time when Users log off the Portal.

web Accessibility tandooristation.com

Accessibility Policy

in the construction website tandooristation.com have adopted a series of measures aiming to improve accessibility. This entails a number of advantages:

  • facilitate access of users regardless of their physical condition or environment
  • Include well-structured clear contents
  • Improve navigation and user experience
  • Among others have taken the following steps:
    • Using CSS for presenting information < / li>
    • alternative text on the images
    • the links provide details of the function or destination of the hyperlink
    • Periodically web enhancements that will always be aimed at maintaining or raising the level of compliance with standards
    • performed
    • All requirements Priority have been tested with a manual analysis of accessibility via different semi-automatic tools, user agents and technical aids.
    • Settings recom given to surf the web
  • For the best experience using this relationship channel, the user is encouraged the use of the following technical means:
    • browser. Internet Explorer 9 or higher, Mozilla 9.0.0 or higher
    • recommended screen resolution: 1024x768
    • to view some of the content, the plugin Adobe Flash
    • be required
    • to view some of the documents will be necessary have installed the plugin Adobe Reader
    • you must you have activated in your browser options Java and Javascript
    • you must have cookies enabled in your browser
    • There are no requirements or restrictions on the computer or operating system used.


Any complaints, questions or suggestions for improvement on accesibilid ad of this portal can be channeled through e-mail info@tandooristation.com intended for the purpose of the page.

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28006 Madrid (Madrid). Tandoori Station ©

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