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Keema Samosa 7.50€

crispy dough dumplings filled with meat, onion, ginger, coriander seeds and spices

Onion Bhaji 6.00€

breaded onion strips in chickpea flour

Pakora 7.00€

Vegetable Tempura Indian style chickpea flour, spices and herbs fresh

Sheek kebab 9.50€

Skewer Minced lamb with spices and herbs, roasted Baked Tandoori

Aloo Samosa 6.80€

crispy dough dumplings stuffed potato, peas, slightly spicy spices with coriander seeds

Bolsa Reutilizable Tandoori Station 1.00€

Baked Tandoori

Tandoori Murgh 18.50€

Classic Tandoori chicken marinated in yogurt, Lima, garlic and ginger

Murgh Ka Tikka 15.50€

Chicken breast pieces marinated with yogurt, Lima, garlic, ginger and herbs

Boti Kebab 18.00€

tender pieces of lamb marinated in yogurt, ginger and other spices

Tandoor Wali Chanpe 19.50€

Tender lamb chops marinated in ginger, garlic and other spices

Tandoori Machli 19.50€

Chunks of marinated emperor with traditional spices

Chicken curries

Murghi Makhan Wali 15.50€

Chicken with very soft and creamy sauce, with tomatoes, aromatic spice, cashews and a hint of Fenugreek

Murghi ka Tikka Massala 15.50€

Chicken with creamy sauce mild spices and herbs

Murghi Ki Balti 15.00€

Yogurt Chicken with sauce, Tomato, Cilantro, Anis and other traditional spices

Murghi Ka Bhuna 15.00€

mildly spicy with ginger chicken, crispy onions and cilantro

Murgh Palak 15.00€

Soft Chicken curry with spinach

Murghi Madras Wali 15.00€

Spicy Chicken Curry South India, with a touch of coconut milk

Murghi Ka Vindaloo 15.50€

Very spicy chicken curry area with exotic Goa spices and a touch of lime

Murgh Korma 15.50€

Curry de pollo en salsa suave de leche de coco y almendras.

Currys lamb

Gosht ka Roghan Josh 16.80€

Classic lamb curry sauce spice, tomato and herbs, slightly spicy

Karhai Gosht 16.80€

Aromatic and exotic Curry Lamb mildly spicy Tomato, ginger, garlic and Cilantro

Palak Gosht 16.80€

tender pieces of lamb with spinach and herbs

Dal Gosht 16.80€

Traditional yellow lentil curry with tender pieces of lamb, typical of northern Pakistan

Gosht Madras 16.80€

Spicy Lamb Curry South India, with a touch of coconut milk

Gosht ka Tikka Massala 17.00€

Curry de cordero con hiervas aromáticas, suave y cremoso.

Vegetable curries

Palak Paneer Wala 14.50€

Soft and exotic spinach curry with cheese typical Indian

Saag Aloo 12.50€

Refreshingly light spinach curry with potatoes

Paneer Makhan Wala 15.00€

Pieces of Paneer (Indian homemade cheese), soft and creamy sauce with tomato, fenugreek, herbs and flour cashews

Mattar Paneer 14.50€

Pieces of Paneer (Indian homemade cheese) with peas in typical north Indian sauce

Massale Wale Chole 12.50€

Chickpeas little spicy sauce with cilantro and ginger

Massale Wale Baingan 12.50€

Eggplant with Tomato, Onion, Pepper, Ginger and Cilantro

Tarka Wali Dal 12.50€

Classic Lentils Indian yellow, with a slight touch of spice and cumin

Dal Makhani 13.50€

Smooth and creamy Indian Curry black lentils, with a slight hint of spice

Aloo Gobhi 12.50€

Cauliflower with potatoes, coriander, ginger, slightly spicy

Malai Paneer Kofta 15.50€

Albóndigas vegetales de patata y paneer, en  suave salsa de leche de coco y almendras.

Sabzi Noratan 13.50€

Verduras mixtas en especias aromáticas.

Currys fish and prawns

Methi Wali Machli 18.00€

Chunks of Emperor sauce spices and herbs

Hare Massale Wali Machli 18.00€

Curry Emperor moderately Picante, with onions, ginger, fresh tomato, green chilli, fresh coriander and spices

Madras Wali Machli 18.00€

Curry spicy emperor, to the classic style of southern India, with a touch of coconut milk

Makhani Jhinga 19.50€

Prawns in very soft and creamy sauce with cashew nuts and an aromatic touch of Fenugreek

Khara Massala Jhinga 19.50€

Shrimp mildly spicy onion, tomato, ginger, garlic, Green chilli, fresh coriander and spices

Jhinga Massala 19.50€

Langostinos ligeramente picantes en especias aromáticas.

Jhinga Korma 19.50€

Langostinos en salsa suave de leche de coco y almendras.


Saada Chawal 5.00€

Basmati rice steamed white

Pulau 7.00€

Basmati rice with cardamom, cinnamon, star anise and saffron

Kashmiri Ka Pulau 15.80€

Basmati Rice with Raisins, Nuts and Saffron

Biryani de verduras 14.00€

Basmati rice with vegetables, saffron, cardamom, tomato, ginger and other spices, simmered

Biryani de pollo 16.80€

Basmati rice with chicken, saffron, cardamom, tomato, ginger and other spices, simmered

Biryani de cordero 18.50€

Basmati rice with lamb, saffron, cardamom, tomato, ginger and other spices, simmered

Biryani de langostinos 19.50€

Basmati rice with prawns, saffron, cardamom, tomato, ginger and other spices, simmered

Plain Biryani 10.50€

Basmati with saffron, cardamom, tomato, ginger and other spices, simmered


Raita 4.00€

Yogurt with tomato, onion, cucumber and herbs

Achar (Pickle) 4.00€

Salsa green mango, chillies, lime with spices and a touch of vinegar

Mango Chutney 3.00€

mango sauce soft spice

Papadum 1.50€

Crunchy lentil flour cakes with caraway

Piaz Ka Katchumbar 3.50€

Indian onion salad with a touch of cilantro, lime and spices

Salsa Vindaloo 4.00€

Salsa muy picante de la zona de Goa con especias y un toque de lima.

Salsa Makhan Wali 6.50€

Salsa muy suave y cremosa con tomate, especias aromáticas, anacardos y fenogreco.

Salsa Tikka Massala 6.50€

Salsa cremosa en suaves especias y hiervas aromáticas.


Saada Naan 2.00€

Typical Cake Pan Indian Natural

Makhni Naan 3.50€

Indian bread with butter

Piazi Naan 3.50€

Pan Indian with Onion and Cilantro

Paneer Naan 4.50€

Indian bread stuffed soft cream cheese

Badami Naan 5.00€

Pan Indian Almond, Pistachio and Coco

Roti 1.50€

Pan Indian Natural Integral

Paratha 3.00€

Pan Indian integral with butter

Makani Naan SIN GLUTEN 3.50€

Indian bread with butter

Lesani Naan SIN GLUTEN 3.50€

Pan Indian with a touch of garlic and herbs

Lehsani Naan 3.50€

Pan Indio con un toque de ajo y hierbas


Gulab Jamun 6.00€

Traditional cake in syrup

Cheesecake Limón Jengibre 6.00€

Fresh cheese, ginger, lemon meringue Swiss flamed

Cheesecake Chocolate Blanco 6.00€

Fresh cheese and white chocolate chips

Cúpula de Chocolate 6.50€

crunchy hazelnut cake and chocolate mousse

Mango Lassi 5.50€

Cream stirred yoghurt with handle " Kesar "

Cereza Chérie 7.80€

Mousse de guinda con núcleo de Kirsh recubierto de chocolate negro, sobre galleta de avellana.

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