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Tandoori Station Reusable Bag - 1.50€

Recycled paper bag - 0.10€


Keema Samosa - 10.00€

crispy dough dumplings filled with meat, onion, ginger, coriander seeds and spices

Onion Bhaji - 7.50€

breaded onion strips in chickpea flour

Pakora - 10.00€

Vegetable Tempura Indian style chickpea flour, spices and herbs fresh

Sheek kebab - 11.50€

Skewer Minced lamb with spices and herbs, roasted Baked Tandoori

Aloo Samosa - 9.50€

crispy dough dumplings stuffed potato, peas, slightly spicy spices with coriander seeds

Baked Tandoori

Tandoori Murgh - 23.00€

Classic Tandoori chicken marinated in yogurt, Lima, garlic and ginger

Murgh Ka Tikka - 22.00€

Chicken breast pieces marinated with yogurt, Lima, garlic, ginger and herbs

Boti Kebab - 24.00€

tender pieces of lamb marinated in yogurt, ginger and other spices

Tandoori Machli - 26.00€

Chunks of marinated emperor with traditional spices

Chicken curries

Murghi Makhan Wali - 22.00€

Chicken with very soft and creamy sauce, with tomatoes, aromatic spice, cashews and a hint of Fenugreek

Murghi ka Tikka Massala - 22.00€

Chicken with creamy sauce mild spices and herbs

Murghi Ki Balti - 22.00€

Yogurt Chicken with sauce, Tomato, Cilantro, Anis and other traditional spices

Murghi Ka Bhuna - 22.00€

mildly spicy with ginger chicken, crispy onions and cilantro

Murgh Palak - 22.00€

Soft Chicken curry with spinach

Murghi Madras Wali - 22.00€

Spicy Chicken Curry South India, with a touch of coconut milk

Murghi Ka Vindaloo - 22.50€

Very spicy chicken curry area with exotic Goa spices and a touch of lime

Murgh Karhai - 22.00€

Aromatic and exotic medium spicy chicken curry with tomato, ginger, garlic and coriander.

Currys lamb

Gosht ka Roghan Josh - 24.00€

Classic lamb curry sauce spice, tomato and herbs, slightly spicy

Karhai Gosht - 24.00€

Aromatic and exotic Curry Lamb mildly spicy Tomato, ginger, garlic and Cilantro

Palak Gosht - 24.00€

tender pieces of lamb with spinach and herbs

Dal Gosht - 24.00€

Traditional yellow lentil curry with tender pieces of lamb, typical of northern Pakistan

Gosht Madras - 24.00€

Spicy Lamb Curry South India, with a touch of coconut milk

Gosht ka Tikka Massala - 24.00€

Lamb curry with aromatic herbs, mild and creamy.

Bhuna Gosht - 24.00€

Medium spicy lamb with ginger, crispy onion and coriander.

gosh Vindaloo - 24.00€

Very spicy lamb curry from the Goa area with exotic spices and a hint of lime.

Vegetable curries

Palak Paneer Wala - 16.60€

Soft and exotic spinach curry with cheese typical Indian

Saag Aloo - 14.30€

Refreshingly light spinach curry with potatoes

Paneer Makhan Wala - 17.20€

Pieces of Paneer (Indian homemade cheese), soft and creamy sauce with tomato, fenugreek, herbs and flour cashews

Mattar Paneer - 16.60€

Pieces of Paneer (Indian homemade cheese) with peas in typical north Indian sauce

Massale Wale Chole - 14.30€

Chickpeas little spicy sauce with cilantro and ginger

Massale Wale Baingan - 14.30€

Eggplant with Tomato, Onion, Pepper, Ginger and Cilantro

Tarka Wali Dal - 14.30€

Classic Lentils Indian yellow, with a slight touch of spice and cumin

Dal Makhani - 15.50€

Smooth and creamy Indian Curry black lentils, with a slight hint of spice

Aloo Gobhi - 13.80€

Cauliflower with potatoes, coriander, ginger, slightly spicy

Malai Paneer Kofta - 17.80€

Potato and paneer vegetable dumplings in a mild coconut and almond milk sauce.

Sabzi Noratan - 15.50€

Mixed vegetables in aromatic spices.

Currys fish and prawns

Methi Wali Machli - 26.00€

Chunks of sword fish sauce spices and herbs.

Hare Massale Wali Machli - 26.00€

Curry Emperor moderately Picante, with onions, ginger, fresh tomato, green chilli, fresh coriander and spices

Madras Wali Machli - 26.00€

Curry spicy sword fish, to the classic style of southern India, with a touch of coconut milk.

Makhani Jhinga - 26.00€

Prawns in very soft and creamy sauce with cashew nuts and an aromatic touch of Fenugreek

Jhinga Karhai - 26.00€

Shrimp mildly spicy onion, tomato, ginger, garlic, Green chilli, fresh coriander and spices

Jhinga Massala - 26.00€

Slightly spicy prawns in aromatic spices.

Jhinga Korma - 26.00€

King prawns in a mild coconut and almond milk sauce.

Machi Massala - 26.00€

Chunks of sword fish  in a spice and herb sauce.


Saada Chawal - 5.70€

Basmati rice steamed white

Pulau - 8.00€

Basmati rice with cardamom, cinnamon, star anise and saffron

Kashmiri Ka Pulau - 20.00€

Basmati Rice with Raisins, Nuts and Saffron

Biryani de verduras - 20.00€

Basmati rice with vegetables, saffron, cardamom, tomato, ginger and other spices, simmered

Biryani de pollo - 22.00€

Basmati rice with chicken, saffron, cardamom, tomato, ginger and other spices, simmered

Biryani de cordero - 24.00€

Basmati rice with lamb, saffron, cardamom, tomato, ginger and other spices, simmered

Biryani de langostinos - 26.00€

Basmati rice with prawns, saffron, cardamom, tomato, ginger and other spices, simmered

Plain Biryani - 12.00€

Basmati with saffron, cardamom, tomato, ginger and other spices, simmered


Raita - 4.20€

Yogurt with tomato, onion, cucumber and herbs

Achar (Pickle) - 4.20€

Sauce green mango, chillies, lime with spices and a touch of vinegar

Mango Chutney - 3.80€

mango sauce soft spice

Papadum - 1.60€

Crunchy lentil flour cakes with caraway

Piaz Ka Katchumbar - 4.00€

Indian onion salad with a touch of cilantro, lime and spices

Sauce Vindaloo - 4.60€

Very spicy  curry from the Goa area with exotic spices and a hint of lime.

Sauce Makhan Wali - 7.50€

Very smooth and creamy sauce with tomato, aromatic spices, cashew nuts and fenugreek.

Sauce Tikka Massala - 7.50€

Creamy sauce in mild spices and aromatic herbs.

Tamarindo - 1.10€

Sweet and sour sauce.

Yogur con Menta - 1.10€

Smooth and refreshing.


Saada Naan - 2.30€

Traditional natural bread .

Makhni Naan - 4.00€

Indian bread with butter

Piazi Naan - 4.00€

Indian bread with Onion and Cilantro.

Paneer Naan - 5.10€

Indian bread stuffed soft cream cheese

Badami Naan - 5.70€

 Indian bread with Almond, Pistachio and Coco.

Roti - 2.30€

wholemeal bread.

Paratha - 3.40€

wholemeal bread with butter .

Makani Naan SIN GLUTEN - 4.00€

Indian bread with butter

Lesani Naan SIN GLUTEN - 4.00€

Indian bread with a touch of garlic and herbs.

Lehsani Naan - 4.00€

Indian bread with a touch of garlic and herbs.


Gulab Jamun - 6.90€

Traditional cake in syrup

Cheesecake Limón Jengibre - 6.90€

Fresh cheese, ginger, lemon meringue Swiss flamed

Cúpula de Chocolate - 7.50€

crunchy hazelnut cake and chocolate mousse

Mango Lassi - 6.30€

Cream stirred yoghurt with handle " Kesar "


Kulfi - 6.90€

Traditional homemade pistachio ice cream.

Coco Mango - 6.30€

Delicious combination of coconut milk and mango pulp.

Yogur Búlgaro con Grosella - 6.30€

Light, digestive and nutritious.

Vainilla Bio - 6.30€

The tastiest in the Indian Ocean.

Pétalos de Rosa - 6.30€

Aromatic and aphrodisiac.


Cobra - 3.90€

Indian beer.

Kingfisher - 3.90€

Indian beer.

Mahou Sin Gluten - 3.70€

Gluten free beer.

Mahou Tostada Sin. - 3.60€

New non-alcoholic toast.

Aguas y Zumos

Perrier 33cl. - 2.90€

Sparkling natural water.

Linda Tomate-Wassabi - 3.40€

Lemon juice, Worcestershire sauce, pepper, salt and the spicy touch is added with wasabi.

Linda Mandarina-Romero - 3.40€

A juice with no added sugars, no fizzy drinks and no preservatives: 100% natural.

Linda Pera-Pimienta de Sichuán - 3.40€

It has an aromatic and slightly sweet taste.


VR - 17.00€

Rueda Verdejo 100%.

Maior de Mendoza - 22.00€

Rías Baixas- Albariño

Obergo - 19.00€

Somontano, Gewürztraminer

Merallo Godello - 21.00€

(Intenso en nariz, sensaciones cítricas) Bierzo- Godello.

Eresma Verdejo - 20.00€

(Flores y frutas blancas, intenso y fino), Rueda- Verdejo 100%.

Hacienda de Arinzano - 21.00€

(11 meses de crianza sobre lías), Pago de Arinzano- Tempranillo, Chardonnay.

Eidosela - 19.00€

Es un vino muy potente, limpio, sedoso y glicérico con una acidez muy bien integrada. Tiene buena estructura y untuosidad.

Vino Tinto

Bocca Roble - 17.00€

(Sweet Fruits and Balsamic Notes),Ribera de Duero-Tempranillo.

Mauro - 45.00€

(Balanced and tasty), Castilla y León-Tempranillo, Syrah.

Sierra Cantabria - 24.00€

(Excellent vintage), Rioja-Tempranillo.

San Román - 40.00€

(Structured and fruity), Toro-Tinta de Toro.

Luis Gurpegui Muga Crianza - 19.00€

(Elegant, fresh, with very ripe tannins.) Rioja- Tempranillo, Garnacha.

Fuentenarro Crianza - 21.00€

(Good acidity, giving the wine freshness and elegance.) Ribera de Duero-Tempranillo.

Aalto - 47.00€

(Aromatic complexity with predominance of ripe red fruits) Ribera de Duero- Tinto Fino.

Las Tres Filas - 25.00€

(elegant and silky), Bierzo, Mencía 100%.

Talamingo Syrah - 19.00€

( Con aromas a fruta negra y regaliz, ecológico), Tierra de Castilla- Syrah.

Esenzias by Fuentenarro - 35.00€

(Potente y complejo, crianza 18 meses) Ribera de Duero- Tempranillo.

Almirez - 27.00€

(Marcado aroma floral, con toques especiados), Toro- Tinta de Toro.

Arinzano - 45.00€

(14 meses de crianza  en barricas de roble francés), Pago de Arinzano- Merlot.

Inspiración - 25.00€

(Crianza de 15 meses) Rioja-Crianza, 9% Graciano, 6% Maturana Tinta, 85% Tempranillo.

Vino Rosados

Ilagares - 16.00€

(Intense and fruity aroma), Garnacha 100%- Navarra.


Brut Edoné Cuvée de Maria - 23.00€

Cuvée, 100% Chardonnay.

Edone Gran Cuvée - 35.00€

Extra Brut, 90% Chardonnay  y 10 % Pinot Noir.

Chai/ Café

Chai Massala - 3.20€

Traditional Darjeeling tea, with cloves, cinnamon, cardamom and milk.

Café - 2.50€

Café 100% arabico.

Café Irlandés - 5.00€

A mixture of whisky and coffee, topped with two centimetres of cream.

Café con Baylei`s - 5.00€

Sweet combination of black coffee, plus the creamy texture of Baylei's and topped with a touch of fresh cream.

Thé Noir Darjeeling - 2.40€

Té negro de la India.

The Sombre PU-ERH (Té Rojo) - 2.40€

Dark tea flavoured with rhubarb and strawberry.


Té verde de la China.


Té verde de la China, aromatizado con hojas  de menta fresca.

TISANE- Poleo Menta - 2.40€

Delicate, fragrant and aromatic.


Infusión que ayuda a la digestión y tiene efectos anti-estrés y calmantes.

ROOIBOS - 2.40€

Caffeine-free, antioxidant and digestive.

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